TOP GAINERS: PRESTIGE N0.48 +9.09% | SOVRENINS N0.27 +8.00% | LASACO N1.15 +6.48% | UNITYBANK N0.45 +4.65% | ACADEMY N2.13 +2.40% |
TOP LOSERS: COURTVILLE N0.46 -9.80% | SCOA N1.75 -9.79% | SKYAVN N5.10 -9.73% | REGALINS N0.23 -8.00% | HONYFLOUR N2.65 -5.36% |


Portfolio Managers


This is a scheme which enables us create value for our clients’ investment through careful analysis of the market. Our decision making is aided by the well guided analysis done by our research department and also years of experience in the industry.

Our portfolio management functions could be either discretionary or non-discretionary which is designed to eliminate avoidable risk and to adjust to clients’ specific requirement for their portfolio according to the level of their risk tolerance.

Discretionary portfolio management is when the clients trust our judgment and decisions in managing their portfolio without their consent while non discretionary is when we need the client’s consent before any execution.


We work hand in hand with our sister company Dominion Finance Limited to arrange facility to our clients to invest in Capital Market at a very competitive rate, provided the investor has 30% equity participation. The stock purchased will be the security for the credit facility, where the value of the security increases significantly, the investor can be allowed to withdraw from his/her stock account but in case of reduction in value of the security, the investor will be advised to inject more funds.