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Indemnity Form For Absentee Clients

Please kindly fill in all the required details.

Indemnity Form For Absentee Clients

The completion of this form opens up an agreement that grants Dominion Trust Limited (DTL) the authority to use verbal, text message or email mandates from you to purchase or sell stocks on your behalf. This is necessary to meet the regulator’s requirement for all mandates to be signed by the client, which in your case may not be possible all the time.

hereby agrees and consent to the use of verbal, text message, email or writing mandate from me/us to purchase or sell stocks on my/our behalf.

I/We hereby indemnify DTL for the fluctuations in market prices with the understanding that all transactions will be executed at the best possible market prices unless otherwise stipulated.

That this mandate is valid until same is cancelled, withdrawn or amended and such cancellation,
withdrawal or amendment is communicated in writing and shall not be deemed valid unless and until it is
received and acknowledged by the other party

Section Below Is For Corporate Accounts Only