TOP GAINERS: LIVESTOCK N0.56 +9.80 | INTBREW N3.85 +6.94% | VITAFOAM N5.33 +5.13% | GLAXOSMITH N4.80 +4.35% | UCAP N2.70 +3.85% |
TOP LOSERS: ABCTRANS N0.51 -8.93% | REGALINS N0.22 -8.33% | AIICO N0.90 -4.26% | TRANSCORP N0.65 -2.99% | UBA N6.25 -2.34% |



Our well structured Operation Department with a dedicated trading booth on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, a Remote Trading Engine on our office premises supported with a highly developed state of the art technology ensures efficient and prompt execution of our clients’ mandates which can be viewed on line.

This is enhanced by a reliable operating system which is linked directly to the Marketing Department.